Tips For A Rainy Halloween
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Tips For A Rainy Halloween

Tomorrow is Halloween, the night when kids (and in many cases, their parents) head out for a night of enjoyable trick or treating. Which is fine as long as the weather holds out, but with many areas of the country expecting rain tomorrow, it may be necessary to rethink Halloween plans.

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Light rain typically doesn’t affect much, since they can throw on a light poncho and still enjoy getting candy door to door. Even carrying an umbrella is preferable to just calling the whole thing off.

Here are some tips for handling a dark and stormy Halloween night:

  1. Always prepare for inclement weather; buy some umbrellas and ponchos a few days before Halloween to keep everyone dry and healthy.
  2. Check the weather forecast for your community. If it rain is in the forecast, have a plan b to fall back on. This ensures everyone has fun on Halloween night even if trick or treating is out of the question.
  3. If the rain comes but is only light, consider driving your kids around the neighborhood, as this allows them to enjoy their costumes without having to walk in the rain all night.
  4. Use plastic Halloween bags instead of paper since they will be more water resistant.
  5. Consider a Chuck E. Cheese outing, since everyone there will be in costume.
  6. Craft a few Halloween themed games and let the kids play around the house. They can invite their friends and candy can be given out as prizes (or just for the heck of it).
  7. Take your kids to a haunted house, preferably one that is age appropriate. Some are geared strictly for adults.
  8. If the rain comes with thunder and lightning, then keep the kids inside, dry and safe.
  9. Above all else, do what you can to keep Halloween fun and exciting. Even if you aren’t able to go out the door to door, there are creative options to make the holiday fun for your kids.

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