Unexpected Causes of Water Damage
Water Damage

Unexpected Causes of Water Damage

Although you can control the visible causes of water damage, there are other possible causes of water damage present in any home. These invisible causes of water damage can be checked through regular inspections but there are always unexpected causes that cannot be totally anticipated.

The plumbing system in a home can easily create water damage because fluids are constantly flowing. Behind walls and underneath the floors, it is difficult to determine when there are internal leaks. These are very difficult to ascertain before damage has already been done to the home. The pipes from toilet and drainage systems are also very likely to become blocked or leaky because of their constant usage. These should be inspected regularly.

Another invisible cause of water damage comes from neglecting the inspection of air conditioning and heating systems. These systems need to be regularly cleaned in order to avoid degrading performance, more expensive bills, and increased moisture. When these systems are moist and unclean, they can aid the growth of mold and bacteria. Another type of system that needs to be constantly regulated are the appliances in your home. Clothing washers and dryers, refrigerators, water heaters and other types of appliances can become dangerous over time, if they are improperly maintained. When hoses or other parts of the appliances deteriorate, water can leak out and cause damage.

Basements also should be inspected regularly in order to avoid water damage. Moist or wet basements can eventually affect the foundations of a home. Because water evaporates, the basement moisture can affect the interior of a home.

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