A Personal Water Damage Experience
Water Damage

Water Damage A Personal Experience

I thought instead of writing about another impersonal statement about water damage, the effects it has, and solutions to it, I would actually write about my own experience with water damage.

It actually happened when I was in high school. My house was an old house to some standards and though it was renovated, it still had some rustic characteristics, like a sump pump that had a tendency to turn off whenever it felt like it. Fortunately, up to this point, the pump had not failed to the point where my family ever thought of purchasing another one. It was also not connected to any backup generator, one of the biggest mistakes.  That night, it was a school night and I was up late as usual, studying for an upcoming exam (cannot recall what subject. It was one that I dreaded because I had not even noticed it was raining heavily). The forecast had called for torrential rain and possible flash floods but it seemed at the time that it was a normal passing shower.

When I woke up the next day, I noticed that my alarm clock was off. I tried clicking it on but it refused to light up and it hit my groggy head that the power must have been out. For a split second, I was excited at the possibility of having my exam delayed until I walked out of my room and saw towels strewn across the floor. I noticed that some were wet and on the side. I heard my parents conversing downstairs in the basement so I headed in that direction. As I set my foot on the second to last step of the basement staircase, I immediately noticed that the carpet was ice cold in the water. I looked up and saw a half foot of water staring at me.

Later on, we learned that the power had gone out at about 1 o clock in the morning and would not turn on until later that morning, meaning there was no electricity for about 11 hours. As a result, the sump pump, which was not hooked up to a backup generator turned off completely and that was more than enough time for the excess water from outside to pour into the basement. At around 11 in the morning, the power finally came back on, but, to make matters worse, the sump pump, being as old as it was, did not come back to life. Water continued to flow in until mid-afternoon. When I returned from school later that day, I went straight to the basement and saw that it was mostly cleaned up from the water. The floor was still damp and many of the low-lying books on our many bookshelves and carpet were completely gone.

Fortunately, we had a family friend that worked in a home maintenance company and offered to install a new sump pump and help inspect the basement for any molds or structural damage for a reduced cost. If it were not for his kind generosity, I am sure that my family would have been forced to work with a water damage restoration company that was inefficient for our location. We did not know that sites such as Restoration Local were available to help victims like us find an appropriate restoration lead.

What I Learned from Water Damage

That day was truly one of the more stunning and amazing moments of my life, to see a part of my life underwater. It gave me the perspective that anything can be lost and that no one is safe from water damage. I learned a couple things from that experience:

  1. Always replace your sump pump at the appropriate time.
  2. Always have a backup generator to your sump pump.
  3. To have a family friend that works for a home maintenance company.

Not surprisingly, not many can accomplish the 3rd lesson and as a result, use inefficient methods to find water restoration companies. This is why Restoration Local is such a unique and helpful site as it will help a broad range of victims of water damage finds the correct water company. My experience is one of many and my family could have easily been a victim of not using sites such as Restoration Local to locate and contact the correct water restoration company. The site will not only benefit your company’s long-term goals using water restoration leads, but it will also serve a greater good by providing people the necessary assistance in finding the best solution and help in a time of trial. Believe me, I would know.

If you have water damage, call Restoration Local 24/7 at 1-888-443-3110 for a free estimate!

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