Water Damage and Water Color
Water Damage

Water Damage and Water Color

No matter what time of year it is, water damage is a common problem that sneaks up on homeowners. Most people do not realize the extent of cleanup involved with water damage because it is the furthest thing from their mind until they come across the problem first hand. Flooding can be a big problem within the home, not only because of the trouble it takes to remove water, but because of the safety concerns in dealing with the water. Water may appear to be harmless, but depending on the type of water it could be contaminated and hazardous to your health. For this reason it is important to call water restoration experts to identify the type of water damage you are dealing with so that the proper restoration plan can be set in place.

It is important to note that there are three common types of water damage, which include Clean, Gray, and Black water. The three terms were given because of the common colors of the different type of sitting water, but color does not determine the type of water contamination. Instead the names are given to determine the different types of water contamination.

  1. Clean Water: Clean water is self explanatory, as it is water that has few contaminates in it and is safe to handle first hand. Although it is best to have a water damage expert determine if the water is contaminated, clean water can be determined visually by it’s clear appearance. Common sources of clean water are due to a leaking or burst pipe within the home or rainwater from a leaking roof.
  2. Gray Water: This type of water is determined because it is already contaminated, unlike clean water. An overflowing toilet is an example of gray water because it is water that is already contaminated, unlike water coming from a clean source. It is important to note that clean water can become gray water if it is left to sit over time. As water sits, contaminates and bacteria multiply within the water making it unsafe to come in contact with.
  3. Black Water: Black water is the most hazardous type of water damage.  Black water is highly contaminated water that is dangerous to come in contact with. For this reason it is important to have water damage expert’s cleanup the flooding. Black water can contain things such as chemicals, pesticides, bacteria, and diseases. Getting rid of this type of water requires full safety equipment to avoid direct contact with the water as well as extensive cleaning after the water has been removed from the property. Water from a flood is often black water because it brings many contaminates into the home along with the water.

Coming across flooding within your home is never a pleasant experience but it is important to realize that there are different types of water damage, with different levels of danger to your health. Call a water damage company in order to identify what type of water you are dealing with so that area can be safely restored.

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