Water Damage And Your Chimney
Water Damage

Water Damage And Your Chimney

When you stop to think of water damage and your home, and all of the possible points of entry that need to be anticipated, many people fail to consider what should be one of the most obvious, the chimney.  Chimney exteriors often go unmaintained for long periods, meaning that they have ample opportunity to spring a leak which could be the beginning of a major problem.

Harsh weather conditions can cause excessive wear to your chimney, with the structure becoming weakened over time and the ability of water to get into your home is increased. Usually, by the time the problem has been discovered, it has grown considerably and there is quite a bit of damage that has already set in.

You not only have the chimney itself, but also the borders of the chimney construction, where it actually becomes a part of the roof. Improperly sealed, this allows for access to the home by water, ice, rain, sleet, you name it. Once the damage has occurred, it can be quite expensive to replace. Water gets inside the home and can cause damage to your attic, electrical systems, HVAC, and other areas. Water can also run for some distance before deciding to finally leak down into the home, meaning the damage to your home’s interior may be somewhat far removed from where the actual damage to the chimney is.

Annual inspections and maintenance are recommended for all chimneys, with the idea being to catch potential problems before they have the chance to grow and multiply into something far greater. Chimney waterproofing is available and far less expensive than water damage repairs.

Once the chimney has been damaged, it is unwise to try and start a fire in the fireplace, since this may cause additional damage by smoke to other areas of the home, as well as the additional risk of fire damage.

Flashing around the chimney may also be seriously damaged by water and will have to be replaced. This should be done as soon as possible in order to prevent the problem from growing and affecting other areas of the property. Chimney caps should also be replaced when damaged or worn, as this will prevent water from coming down the chimney into the home.

Your water damage restoration professionals at Restoration Local are available to handle all of your water problems, including those that go along with damage to chimneys, flues, roofing, flashing, and other elements.  They have the training, experience, and tools necessary to handle even the largest scale water damage problems.

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