The Difficulting In Detecting Certain Type Of Water Damage
Water Damage

Water Damage Can Be Difficult to Detect

If you can’t see it, could it still be water damage?  The invisible causes of water damage can sometimes be hard to detect.  One of the most common invisible signs is a lingering musty smell.  If you’ve entered a room or you continually detect an odor in a certain area and that smell is always there, this could signify mold growth.

Perhaps there was a roof or pipe leak or an appliance that overflowed.  You might have thought that everything had been dried and cleaned up, but some of the moisture and debris left behind was subtle and hid in cracks and crevices of the surface, which now has begun to grow mold.

Too much moisture, poor or lack of circulation can be another invisible cause of water damage.  Eventually, the invisible signs will manifest to the visible signs of discoloration, peeling, cracking and mold.

Health Problems

Health problems can result when water damage is invisible and conditions exist where the air is poorly circulated and the moisture has caused mold to grow.  Allergies, respiratory, and sinus problems are a few of the signs.

Even more difficult to detect water damage when you can’t see it or smell it could be a leak hidden in walls, water that has dripped through windows and door frames.  Of course, the signs will begin to show, discoloration, staining, cracking, peeling, warping, rust, etc.

Once the water damage has appeared or you detect a musty smell, it may have already caused extensive damage resulting in expensive repair jobs.  If you have experienced any type of water overflow from appliances, leaks from pipes, back up of water in the basement, leaking roof, gutters, it is time to move quickly and inspect the visible and hidden areas where water could be hiding and creating mold or other water damage.

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