Water Damage Can Occur Anywhere
Water Damage

Water Damage Can Occur Anywhere

Water damage is something that occurs in homes after water is exposed to an area or an item of some sort. There are all different types of situations that water damage can put you in. Maybe you have flooded areas, so the carpet needs replaced. Or maybe a leaky sink and you just need to tighten the bolt. No matter what the extent of the damage, water damage is something that needs to be taken care of. And quickly. Have you ever had water damage on drywall? If it goes untreated, you may start seeing mold growing on your walls, yuck! Keep reading for tips on how to avoid water damage in/on your drywall.

Roofing. Inspections are a lifesaver. Roofing can be inspected from the outside and in the attic. Look for holes, missing/broken shingles, etc. If you do find something, get someone up there to fix it right away!

Gutters. While you’re up on the rooftop, scope out the gutters as well. Make sure they are clear of any debris. Clogged gutters have the ability to cause overflow. This overflow has the potential to seep into your home and go all throughout the walls. Also, be sure to check out the downspouts. Ensure that they are facing the opposite direction of your home. If water gets puddled up against the home, it’s bound to sneak in sooner or later. Most people don’t realize these issues until it’s becoming a major problem.

Pipes. When you come back in the house, make sure to check out the pipes. If you live in a cold area like I do, freezing/bursting pipes are NOT an uncommon occurrence. And if they do burst, you’re looking at a TON of water damage in the walls. So, next time you’re considering taking a vacation during the winter time, make sure you take a look at these. Try adding insulation to it. Or have a friend come over and make sure the heat is at a low, comfortable level.

If you ever suffer from drywall water damage or any water damage for that matter, feel free to give us a call. Our water damage restoration company offers all sorts of water restoration services and is all about customer service. Ask about our free estimates today!

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