Water Damage Due To Fire
Water Damage

Water Damage Due To Fire

Whether it is big or small, fires need to be put out at some point. The longer the fire roars, the worse the damage will be to your home or business and the people that may be in it. Place a few fire extinguishers throughout your home to help keep you and your family safe. For businesses or larger homes, a sprinkler system is the way to go. Sprinkler systems will put out the fire almost immediately. But, on the downside, the sprinklers leave room for more issues.

A sprinkler system should activate as soon as it detects smoke in the area. If you are considering getting them placed in your home, try to pick rooms that are more prone to fires, such as the kitchen. Sprinkler systems are not known to go off by themselves so there’s no need to worry about water damage from a rogue system.

Now for the downside. While sprinklers are a great asset to the home, if a fire does break out, you should be prepared for a lot of water damage. Sprinklers can spout off about 25 gallons of water per minute. That’s a huge amount of water. And where does it all end up? All over your home. So now, you’re not only dealing with smoke and fire damage, but water damage ends up in the mix.

It’s important to call our local water damage restoration company immediately after. All of the soaked, porous materials in your home, such as carpet, clothing, boxes, etc., can all turn into a monstrous moldy mess within as little as 48 hours. Trust me, you do not want to add that situation to your plate as well. Just call your water damage restoration company and we will take care of all the damage. We will provide you with a detailed quote that informs you of all the steps we plan to take in regard to making your home look brand new. We’ll even come back in two weeks to make sure that no mold has surfaced since.

For water damage due to a sprinkler system or anything else, contact us today! Our friendly customer service representatives are here to take your call day or night. We know that water damage can occur at any time of day so we’re available to handle it 24/7. Call us today for your free estimate!

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