Sources of Hidden Water Damage In Your Home
Water Damage

Sources of Hidden Water Damage

Water damage is a fairly well known worst-case scenario that happens to many households. But other than the usual flash flood and apocalyptic storm, what can cause water to rise to a hazardous level within a home? In truth, there are many factors that we simply forget or do not even seem to give a thought to when identifying and preventing water damage.

One of the greatest of these “invisible factors” is plumbing problems. These usually occur at joints or attachments in pipes around the usual home. In many cases, due to the old age and the natural “wear and tear” the joints that are usually securely fastened will become loose. They might even develop holes that are caused from the constant flow of water that might induce natural erosion of the pipe lining. The true danger in pipe damage is that many times, it cannot be seen because most pipes are hidden behind walls. As a result, we usually take for granted that our pipes in our home are in pristine condition. In fact, many reports of water damage are due to these internal pipes bursting or having leaks. If gone unnoticed for a significant period of time, the leak in these pipes can cause substantial damage to a home. As a result, it is highly recommended to have a professional analyze and inspect your home every few years. This is especially true when the weather within that year is highly varied, such as a very cold winter and a very hot summer. The change in temperature can cause rapid expansion and contraction in the pipes, causing structural damage, leading to leaks. Also be aware of obvious leaking characteristics. For example, a faucet that is suddenly having a dropping pressure or when turning on a tub, you hear odd noises within the walls. These are usually reliably signs that there are leaks in the pipes.

More Hidden Dangers

Another danger that people rarely process into their prevention of water damage is naturally moist areas within their home. Rooms such as sunrooms, garages, basements and other such rooms with excessive heat and possible exposure to water are especially vulnerable to mold. Mold, classified as a fungus that thrives in area high in moisture, are a real danger to health as it can cause problems from irritation of the skin to respiratory failure. To prevent this, we should all keep in mind the areas in our homes that are known to be “humid” and full of moisture and closely monitor them for any signs of mold growth. Also be aware that mold is not necessarily lethal by direct contact, but by air-borne pathogens. Mold spores are spread through air and when breathed in, can cause damage to the lungs and respiratory system. This is a serious medical issue. As a result, if mold is detected in one of these rooms, be sure to close the door, isolate the area and call a professional as soon as possible.

Water damage is certainly one of the more difficult property issues to be handled as it can be caused in so many different ways. From the torrential storm to a small pipe leaking in the corner of your home, the damage is, unfortunately, all the same.

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