Water Damage & Stain Removal
Water Damage

Water Damage & Stain Removal

Whether water damage comes from a burst pipe or a flooded basement the damage caused can be very destructive. When people come home and discover they have water damage problems they react in one of two ways. People either sacrifice their time and call off work to clean up the problem themselves, or they call a water restoration specialist to take care of the water. Both ways can be effective in cleaning up the mess if people know what they are doing and they use proper equipment.

When people clean up the mess from water damage themselves they often get rid of the water in the home and dry the area out successfully, however, they run into problems when dirty water leaves stains behind. Carpet stains from water damage can come from a lot of different things. The most common stains come from mud or sewage carried in after flooding. Cleaning up these stains can be a tremendous burden on homeowners because regular methods of stain removal may not always work and because stains can be much larger than the typical spilled food or beverage stains. Using bottled stain removals is not practical as it could take several bottles for such a large stain and many hours of scrubbing bent over on your hands and knees. People should also be cautious when renting carpet cleaning equipment because often they have weaker suction power than equipment that water restoration companies use when cleaning up stains.

When cleaning up water damage it is important to make sure that not only the water is removed but the stains left behind are also taken care of as well. Instead of putting in many hours into trying to clean up a water damage stain yourself and never fully getting rid of the problem call a water restoration team to take care of the problem quickly and effectively. Water damage specialists have the equipment on hand to take care of carpet stains quickly and effectively. If you find yourself in this position be sure to call a water restoration company immediately.

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