Water Extraction – What Is It?
Water Damage

Water Extraction – What Is It?

With any case of water damage, whether large or small, the basic principles still apply; the excess water must be removed from the property before any serious repair and restoration efforts can proceed. It is also important that this be done quickly, since even the most minor water stains or spots can leave behind evidence of their presence accompanied by disagreeable smells.

The process of removing excess water from the property is known as water extraction or water removal, but whatever moniker you choose to attach to it, it is the all-important first step in the restoration process. In the case of minor spills, this can usually be accomplished through the use of towels, mops, or other similar devices, anything that can soak up the water. For heavier spills, the use of a shop vac unit or heavy duty submersible pump may be required.  These will be able to effectively and quickly remove most of the water from the damaged area.

You will notice we said “most” of the water, but not all. A cursory examination of the surfaces will reveal that there is still a considerable amount of moisture that will be left behind, particularly if the affected area is porous in the slightest degree. Porous surfaces retain water and will require additional steps to completely dry out.

Secondary drying can be done through simple air circulation, opening doors and windows and getting the air moving. This process can be accentuated through the use of air moving devices such as fans, blowers, dehumidifiers, and other units of similar function. Carpets will need to be taken up to allow the flooring beneath to completely dry out.

Complete drying serves a number of purposes. It prevents structural weakening that may occur as a result of standing water, which rusts metal and softens wood, and it prevents the onset of mold and mildew, which can bring about a very real health hazard for those living in the home.

The best and easiest way to deal with water damage is to contact your local water extraction professionals. Clean Trust certified, with the latest equipment and highly trained staff, these companies can handle the full range of water extraction services, as well as any repair or reconstruction that may be required.

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