Water Leak Detection Systems For Your Home
Water Damage

Water Leak Detection Systems For You

If your property has a history of water problems, it helps to keep an eye on these trouble spots. If you know where your problem areas happen, make sure you check them frequently. Installing a water leak detection system is extremely helpful – if you have relatively frequent water damage problems. These leak detectors can be passive or active systems and when you are traveling in volume, automated systems can help maintain your home for you. There are passive and active leak detection systems.

Passive systems, known as water alarms, help you notice when there is a possible water leak in your home. They operate like smoke detectors, sounding an audible alarm and possibly flashing lights when they detect something. Basic water alarms are stand-alone, battery-operated units that can be mounted on the walls or set on the floor. When the moisture sensors are activated with water, the alarm will go off.

Active leak detection systems incorporate passive alarms, but they also have access to your water system and preform some simple automated actions when they detect water moisture with their alarms. Typically, these systems incorporate some type of shut-off valve for your water flow in addition to detection points. These systems can be used to detect water damage in an individual appliance or they can cover your entire home. If it is an individual appliance, the shut off valve will simply isolate the appliance, whether it is a washing machine or refrigerator. Depending on the system, you should be able to install the detection parts without much tool use. Sometimes, however, these water leak detection systems require specialized tools or knowledge that should necessitate calling a plumper.

Whole home leak systems can turn off your main water supply if a leak is detected by installing a shut-off valve on the main water service piping. These systems usually require an active electrical connection, although some also feature a battery back up in case of power loss. These systems are more elaborate and definitely require the use of a qualified plumber in order to properly install. Some systems can be connected to the property’s security or fire alarm panels. If something is detected, it can sound an alarm to an off-site monitoring company. Other systems might also utilize temperature sensors in case of frozen pipes or extreme heat. Remember to always properly maintain these systems so that they do not misfire.

Leak Detection Summary

The use of water detection systems is a great and cost-effective way to alarm yourself to water damage before it is too late. When dealing with water damage issues, every hour counts and it is important to be able to locate the source of the problem as soon as possible. Using one of these systems lets you know when you have a problem and can also help you locate the specific damage site. In case of severe water damage, calling in the services of a professional water restoration company is always the best idea. In addition to helping restore your home, they can offer advice for how to avoid future problems.

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