Water Main Break In Fremont CA
Water Damage

Water Main Break In Fremont CA

We all know that floods can occur anywhere, at any time, and for any number of reasons, and residents in Fremont, California learned that first hand Saturday morning when a 6 foot water main broke, flooding a nearby neighborhood and leaving residents to pick up the wet pieces.

The leak began just after midnight, and by the time dawn broke, had come to resemble a raging river down Wabana and Gable Streets in Fremont.  Firefighters were called in to help, and neighbors ran to adjacent houses, knocking on doors and telling fellow homeowners to evacuate.

Some families spent the night in local motels, returning to their homes Saturday morning to inspect the damage left behind, and wonder among themselves what was to happen next.  One resident described the water damage to his garage as “considerable” since he used it primarily for storage purposes and many of the cardboard boxes used were now completely destroyed.

Crews from the California Department of Resources were out in force on Saturday, beginning clean-up operations.  The main that broke had apparently been dry for the last three weeks due to repair and maintenance work.  The break occurred when the water was turned back on.

A spokesperson for the California Department of Resources said “We were re-introducing water to the main and it leaked through a manhole cover and flooded about 15 backyards and garages.”  The force of the flowing water also eroded part of the hillside around the main.

It is currently unclear as to whether the manhole cover was broken or reinstalled incorrectly.  Either way, the Department of Resources is continuing to assess the damage and will pay for the cleanup.

The events in Fremont vividly illustrate how rapidly water damage can occur, and how it can be out of the control of the homeowner.  Yes, we have all had to deal with burst pipes or the occasional bathtub or sink overflow, but very few of us have had to deal with a water main breaking and flooding our entire neighborhood.

This is the reason why it pays to be prepared for such an eventuality.  Once water damage happens, it is not a good time to comparison shop or check references, because the damage needs to be cleaned up as soon as possible.  Letting it sit untreated will not work, the problem will not get better on its own.  In fact, it will get progressively worse, causing additional damage to the structure of your property and allowing other problems such as mold to start cropping up.

Restoration Local is here to help your family when your property is damaged by water (or fire, or mold).  Our technicians are trained and experienced with the tools and procedures necessary to get the water out of your home and begin the drying process.  We are available 24/7, offer same day emergency service, and can oversee the entire water restoration process for your home.

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