Water Restoration and Moisture meter
Water Damage

Water Restoration And A Moisture Meter

Water damage does not have to be a flood or a burst pipe in order to be serious business. Many times, just having excessive moisture in your home is enough to cause water damage related problems such as mold or mildew to crop up.  The key to keeping your home healthy is to work to keep it dry, and maintain moisture and humidity levels at or below 45%.

If your home or business has been the target of water damage, then you have had some measure of water restoration performed. This process involves removing the water from the home and drying everything out as much as possible, and this includes evaporating the excess moisture from the home. Unfortunately, in many cases not all of the moisture prone areas may be effectively treated, and as we all know, leftover moisture is enough to cause more problems. Any restoration company will have to make use of a moisture meter in order to finish the job entirely.

Moisture meters come in one of two types. There are pin meters, which have probes that penetrate the material that is being tested, and allows them to measure the moisture content levels of the fibers between the probes. These meters may have their readings skewed by other factors such as the temperature of the room being tested, and they also leave behind a measure of damage to the walls with the holes made by the unit.

The second type of moisture meter is known as a Electromagnetic Wave Meter, which uses a three dimiensional field and take san average of moisture content readings from the surface of the material to a depth of about ¾ of an inch. The material being measured is not damaged and the whole process only requires a few seconds. The benefit is that it measures the moisture both in and on the material.

Moisture meters are usually programmed to be able to read a variety of building materials. This includes wood, drywall, laminate, particleboard, and masonry, which as the most common materials found n any home.  A good quality moisture meter can measure the levels in other materials such as stucco, linoleum, and shingles.  This may prove invaluable to the restorer, since each of these materials may retain moisture that can provide the spawning ground for dangerous mold spores.

By using the instruments properly, the restorer can identify moisture hot spots or high content moisture areas, places that may need further water restoration treatment. A moisture meter may be one of the key instruments in making sure that your home is properly returned to its proper, pre loss state.

Make sure that any water restoration company you hire is properly equipped with all the necessary gear, including moisture meters, to perform the work required for your home.

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