Severe Weather In 2011
Water Damage

Water Restoration In 2011 – Costing A Bundle

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says that 2011 has seen the most severe weather in recent history, with water damage restoration costing $1.6 billion across some 30 states.  The one-two punch of Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee up and down the eastern seaboard accounts for a great deal of this cost, but other factors are in play as well.

Vermont will receive $126 million dollars to help fund its recovery from Hurricane Irene.  North Dakota will receive $89 million to combat the damage done by severe flooding, and New York and New Jersey are expected to receive around $90 million each.

The US Transportation Department announced that the Obama Administration was standing ready to provide needed assistance in the wake of 2011’s severe weather events, allocating funds designed to help communities that have suffered water damage to roads, residences, and businesses.

Of course, thousands of resident and business owners are dealing with the problem of water damage to their properties, damage that simply cannot be repaired overnight.  Large scale events such as Hurricane Irene have disastrous results, and even a smaller storm such as Tropical Storm Lee caused serious damage due to it slow-moving nature, which kept it over given areas dumping torrential rain for extended periods of time.

In times such as these, professional water restoration services are required.  The damage left behind by these severe weather events is far beyond the abilities of most any homeowner, and the only hope of having that property returned to normal is to put it in the hands of somebody who knows the drill.  Professional, certified water restoration services are available 24/7, and able to have a team of technicians out to your home promptly.  They can look over the situation, determine a course of action, and begin the water restoration process that very day.

The goal is to have residents back in their homes as soon as possible, but there is another reason for moving like they have a purpose, and that is to avoid any of the subsequent long-term damage that always occurs when water damage is not promptly addressed.

Restoration Local has water damage restoration technicians in all 50 states. They stand ready to service your home with state of the art equipment and the latest in water restoration techniques and procedures.  All work is guaranteed which means you can rest assured that the work was done right.

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