What To Do While The Pros Are On The Way
Water Damage

What To Do While The Pros Are On The Way

When water or flood damage occurs, it is advisable to contact the water damage professionals at Restoration Local, but while they are in the process of getting to your home or business, there are a few things you can do to stabilize the situation and at least prevent the damage from becoming even worse.

You can use the following checklist when working in your home:

  •  Shut off the water source if at all possible
  • Remove as much excess water as possible by mopping the saturated area or using towels to soak up water
  • Wipe excess water off of furniture and other surfaces
  • Place aluminum foil between furniture legs and wet carpet
  • Prop up your wet furniture cushions for even and thorough drying
  • Lift drapes off of wet carpet, thread through a coat hanger and hang on the curtain rod
  • Remove any and all wet rugs or carpets
  • Move valuable objects such as paintings or books or documents to a safe place
  • Open all doors, drawers, and cabinets to circulate air for drying
  • Hang furs and leather to dry at room temperature

Of course for every list of “do’s” there are a few “do not’s”:

  • Do not use a regular vacuum cleaner to remove water. There is a risk of injury and electrocution.
  • Do not use electrical appliances while standing in or around wet flooring
  • Do not enter any room where the ceiling is visibly sagging
  • Do not wait to call professional help. The sooner you can get someone on the job, the more likely the damage can be remediated with few after effects.

Taking a few common-sense steps in the aftermath of a flood can do much to stabilize the home, prevent additional damage, and allow the restoration professionals to get started doing their job, which is, after all, to get you back in your home.

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