When Dampness Means Water Damage
Water Damage

When Dampness Means Water Damage

Water damage doesn’t just mean largely flooded areas. It also refers to smaller areas that may just be damp. These areas are often a bigger problem than larger areas because they go unnoticed. Knowing where these common areas are and fixing them before they become bigger problems is a huge step in winning the water damage battle.

Some areas to look out for:

  • Dampness in closed areas such as basements, crawlspaces, and attics. These areas are prime targets for water damage and even mold. Make sure they are properly ventilated. Check for leaky pipes in basements. A dehumidifier should help with any natural humidity in underground rooms/areas.
  • Bathrooms are another area in the home that seems to attract dampness. If dampness seems present when water isn’t being used in there, it’s possible there’s a leak somewhere. This is also another room that needs good ventilation. If no leak is discovered, the ventilation system may be compromised.
  • Areas around windows are also another hotspot for dampness. Windows that are properly sealed should not leave a dampness around them that would cause significant water damage. If water damage reaches the walls or flooring around windows, this becomes even more costly to fix. You can also tell if window seals need to be fixed if you feel a draft around the windows.
  • Doors are also an area where “light” water damage can occur. Like windows, they need to be properly sealed, too. Sliding doors are often an issue – especially during rainy seasons or winter months. If not being used, consider sealing the door off to avoid bringing water damage inside.

Contact a water damage restoration company any time you discover water damage in your home. Our professional water damage teams are experts in determining how and why the water damage occurred, and they know how to fix it. No job is too big or too small for our water damage restoration pros. Call us day or night for a free water damage estimate.

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