When Is Water Damage Covered By Your Homeowners Policy?
Water Damage

When Is Water Damage Covered By Your Policy?

When dealing with varied causes of water damage, how do you know what types are covered by a home’s insurance policy? With many claims ranging from flooding to mold growth, it is good to check on your own personal policy exactly what your insurance covers in the event of water damage to your home. There are few general things that most insurance policies typically cover – but the following is neither all encompassing nor always stated in your personal policy – but you must check the details of your individual policy independently.

Ordinarily, homeowners’ policies will not take claims for damages without first having documented evidence for the cause of the damage being claimed. Strong unexpected weather conditions such as storm winds and flash floods can cause water damage to your home that might be covered by your policy. Water damage caused by leaking piping, however, has the possibility of being rejected. The difference in the water damage is whether the cause was homeowner’s neglect or unavoidable circumstances like unpredicted weather. It makes a large difference if there are instances of regular maintenance and preventative measures recorded for your property when disaster strikes. If something such as leaking pipes occurs and you do have recorded instances of maintaining and inspecting your home regularly, then it is a different scenario. Take the time to specifically go over your own home insurance policy in depth in order to understand the specifics of your individual policy. This can be especially important to understand when the weather is temperamental or hurricane season is upon you so that you can deal with possible damage as quickly as possible.

If your home suffers water damage you should locate the source of damage in an expedient manner – whether it is excessive leaking or bad weather, the source needs to be cut off immediately. If this is not something you are comfortable with or you cannot find the source of the excess water, contacting Restoration Local is a great idea. The more quickly you take care of a water problem, the less damage will occur. Extensive mold damage can occur virtually overnight if your water damage is severe enough in conditions conducive to mold growth. The damage from mold can be quite dangerous, as mold spores can cause a range of health problems ranging from simple runny noses and coughing to more severe congestion. In extreme cases, permanent lung damage and respiratory problems can occur. With hundreds of thousands of varying species of mold, it is almost impossible to safely delay properly repairing and restoring water and mold growth without risking your own personal safety along with those individuals residing in the damaged property. Contacting Restoration Local is important, as properly trained inspectors can handle the possible hazards without risking your home and property. Most of the time your insurance company will cover the costs associated with water damage.

If you have water damage, call Restoration Local 24/7 at 1-888-443-3110 for a free estimate.  We work with your insurance company to get you the most coverage!

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