Who Is The Clean Trust?
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Who Is The Clean Trust?

Much is made about choosing a restoration provider that has been certified by an industry authority, and most often the recommended authority is The Clean Trust. Most folks don’t know who this is, however, so perhaps the name bears some explanation.

Originally founded in 1972, the Clean Trust was initially known as the Institute For Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification, with the tongue-tying moniker abbreviated to IICRC. It was designed to be a standard-setting organization for the restoration industry, which has largely been unregulated.  The IICRC eventually grew nationwide, offering training, education, and certification for all aspects of the restoration industry. Currently, they represent more than 5700 firms and 54,000 technicians.

There are no actual schools, but rather licensed instructors in given areas that provide the necessary training, as well as individual education institutions that are licensed to provide certification.  These schools and instructors must meet the criteria set forth by the organization. The Clean Trust also serves as a referral source for certified firms and inspectors.

In the fall of 2011, the decision was made to simplify the name to The Clean Trust, with a corresponding ad campaign rolling out to make folks aware of the change.

“The Clean Trust lets people know exactly what we do, in a business-like, technical, professional way. We train. We set the standards. We certify. We vouch for a technician’s ability and professionalism and thereby ease our customer’s worries and concerns,” said Paul Pearce, The Clean Trust Chairman “Although the acronym of the IICRC also had a meaning; it wasn’t as direct and easy to understand.”

The mission hasn’t changed; The Clean Trust will continue as an ANSI Standard Development Organization (SDO) and pursue the standard development for the restoration industry, providing up to date education and training for its members.

For more than four decades, the Clean Trust has earned the reputation among the water damage restoration industry and community for reliability and trust, providing a measure of accountability for restoration providers, and an authority figure for homeowners to look to for guidance during what is usually a very trying time in their lives.

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