Who To Call For A Broken Fire Sprinkler And Water Damage?
Water Damage

Who To Call For A Broken Fire Sprinkler And Water Damage?

Fire sprinklers are almost a must-have safety protocol for many businesses, not to mention a large number of residential structures. They have the capacity for eliminating fires before they have the chance to grow and cause serious damage, and can often be a plus when negotiating for property insurance policies.

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The downside is that sprinklers can cause a lot of damage when they go off, meaning that you may be dealing with both fire damage and water damage in the aftermath.  A broken sprinkler valve can be a more serious problem if it occurs all on its own. Broken fire sprinklers go off for no apparent reason, easily delivering a large amount of water into a given location in a very short amount of time.

Causes Of Broken Fire Sprinklers

There are several causes for broken fire sprinklers such as overheating, mechanical deficiencies such as a broken fire pipe, corrosion, as well as manufacturing issues and improper installation. The damage left behind will be considerable and can actually become worse if prompt action is not taken to begin remediation procedures within about 48 hours.   Most of these cases will require specialized treatment from an experienced water restoration technician.

Water delivered from a broken fire sprinkler can be delivered with enough pressure to severely damage your belongings, but can also remain hidden behind walls and ceilings, where it goes on steadily wearing away at structural materials for as long as it is allowed to remain untreated.  This allows opportunities for mold to form and other dangerous toxins to take hold.

Clearly, a burst fire sprinkler head is the catalyst for a serious issue, one that should be properly addressed by your local restoration professionals. They will have the tools, procedures, training, and experience at their disposal to be able to handle even the large-scale water damage problems that a broken sprinkler can cause.  The sooner you have someone on site, the better off you will be.

A certified restoration provider will be able to properly assess the situation, devise a plan of action, and begin the restoration procedure. By taking rapid action, it will be possible to prevent the damage from becoming worse, as well as heading off any long-term problems that could easily double your repair bills.

It is also a good idea to have your fire sprinkler system inspected on a yearly basis, as this will allow you to stay on top of any small problems, leaks, or flaws in the system that could present a serious threat later on. Such inspections may cost a nominal fee, but that is certainly preferable to having to undertake a major cleanup and repair operation following the failure of your sprinkler system.

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