Fire Sprinkler Flood: Who to Call After the Fire Sprinkler Goes Off

Fire sprinklers are often required in hotels, apartment buildings, and other commercial structures. Whether your fire sprinklers go off to put out a fire or if they leak due to damage, they can soak your property with hundreds or even thousands of gallons of water. If you have a fire sprinkler flood, you need to remove the water as quickly as possible to limit the damage. We cover how to extract water with your own equipment, as well as when to call a water damage restoration company.

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How to Cleanup a Fire Sprinkler Flood

A single fire sprinkler will use between 15 and 25 gallons of water a minute. Depending on the number of sprinkler heads and the amount of time the system operates, you could have hundreds or thousands of gallons of water. For smaller fire sprinkler floods, you may have the equipment necessary to clean up the water on your own.

  • Disable the Fire Sprinkler System – Before cleaning up a fire sprinkler flood, make sure the fire is completely out. Then disable the fire sprinkler system to stop the flow of water.
  • Remove Standing Water – Whenever possible, use a pump to remove as much standing water as possible. Otherwise, use a wet-dry shop-style vacuum to suck up the water.
  • Dry the Area – Put out air movers to start drying the area as soon as possible. If you have them, use dehumidifiers as well.
  • Make Repairs – Repair damage to drywall, flooring, and other materials as soon as they are dry. This may include fixing your fire sprinkler system as well.

Who to Call if You Need Help with a Fire Sprinkler Flood

If you have a fire sprinkler flood and can’t effectively clean it up within 12 to 24 hours, consider calling a water damage restoration company. They have both the training and equipment necessary to remove standing water quickly. They can also dry out the structure of your property.

For commercial fire sprinkler floods, water damage restoration companies can begin work with only the property manager’s authorization. From there, they will file claims directly with your insurance company or can bill you so you can process your own claims. This ensures prompt cleanup without waiting on your adjuster.

Causes of Fire Sprinkler Leaks and Floods

Aside from an actual fire, there are many reasons your fire sprinkler system could go off. Although uncommon, a broken fire sprinkler head is also possible. This is typically the result of either an accident or tampering. However, older systems are prone to corrosion, defects, and failure.

In addition to the water itself, you should also consider the potential for damage due to the water pressure. The water pressure in most sprinkler systems is higher than in regular plumbing. Depending on where the leak occurs, the water can actually act as a saw and cut through drywall and other materials.

There are a few other issues to consider as well. Sprinkler lines near exterior walls may even freeze and burst during the winter. High heat can also put stress on sprinkler systems as well. Have your fire sprinkler system inspected yearly basis to prevent these as well as issues from causing water damage.

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