Winter Weather and the Damage it Can Cause
Water Damage

Winter Weather and the Damage it Can Cause

During these winter months we tend to spend more time at home rather than venturing out in the bitter cold weather. Our home becomes a sanctuary keeping us safe from the thermometer plunging temperatures. We expect our homes to be warm and dry when outside the weather is cold and wet.  So, it is important your home is safe from all the water damage that winter can cause.

A lot of people think that the spring and summer months is the only time you have to worry about water damage to your home but the winter months are just as bad, if not worse, than those hot and wet seasons. Because the temperatures are so sporadic during the colder months it can cause a lot of wear and tear on not just your lawn but also your home. Below are a couple of ways the winter weather can wreak havoc on your house.

Frozen Pipes

With the temperatures dipping below the freezing point your pipes are at risk of freezing if not insulated properly. If you turn on your faucet and no or little water is coming out then the pipes could be frozen which leaves them susceptible to bursting causing unforeseen expenditures and stress. It is important you find the frozen pipe and try to thaw it out using such tactics as an electric hair dryer blowing on the frozen part of the pipe, wrapping a hot towel around the pipe, making sure your pipes are properly insulated or calling a plumber. Once the pipes are frozen you have a short window to find the cause of the freezing or the pipes will continue to freeze and eventually burst .  Once pipes burst you will watch as your plumbing bill skyrockets.

Basement Flooding

While the temperature fluctuates from freezing too mild during winter it will bring snow and melting respectively. And if you have a leak in your foundation or a poor sump pump your basement could be at risk of flooding. Make sure your foundation is safe and secure and (if you have a basement) your sump pump is working properly. Also check to see if you have a backup sump pump just in case you’re primary one stops working. The backup sump pump will save you possibly thousands of dollars. Moving away piles of snow that are up against the foundation of your house will help reduce leakage into the house once the snow starts to melt.

If you know the risks you greatly reduce the chances of your warm dry home from becoming a cold wet place during winter. Don’t put your family or home in jeopardy during the coldest time of the year.

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