Working With A Flooded Basement
Flood Damage

Working With A Flooded Basement

Few homeowners’ issues are as frustrating as a wet or flooded basement. Basements tend to be storage areas, and as a result, valued possessions may be damaged or destroyed.  Walls and foundation can begin to rot away.  Even worse, mold can propagate quickly, bringing with it any number of possible health problems.

There are several reasons a basement might develop a water problem.

Surface water – Water runs one way, downhill, and water running down foundation walls will inevitably accumulate in your basement or crawlspace.

Groundwater in Saturated Soils – The ground can only hold so much water before overflow occurs.  The water has to go somewhere.  With basements being the lowest lying areas of the home, they are going to receive it first.

Sewer Issues – Backed up sewers will eventually back up into the home drainage system.  Again, the first area to be immediately affected will be the basement level.

If you have water problems in your basement, you should determine if the problem is a one-time event.  Find out exactly where the water is coming from, if it’s an isolated case, such as a clogged drain, or something that will continue to give you fits in the future, such as inadequate runoff areas in close proximity to your basement.

If you see that you have a problem that is likely to persist, save time and effort and contact your local basement water damage professional.  Their staff of Clean Trust certified technicians can diagnose the full extent of the problem, and offer a wide range of services designed to protect your home and valuables.

Keep in mind that many basement water damage problems are easily covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy.  The right company will work with your insurance to ensure prompt and courteous service.

Remember that basements are ground zero for water damage, given that they are the lowest lying area of any home, coupled with water’s penchant for running downhill. For this reason alone it is imperative to take steps to protect your basement from water damage threats and similar problems such as mold.

Restoration Local is your one-stop source for all things water damage and can have a crew out to your home the same day as your call, ready to assess your problem and begin the water cleanup process.

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