Protect Your Roof From Water Damage
Water Damage

Your Roof And Water Damage

Fall has just begun and already the weather is beginning to change drastically! Temperatures are dropping and wind flow is increasing. You know what that means, right? Time to start roof inspections!

You may be asking yourself, “Is a roof inspection really all that necessary?” Actually, your roof is capable of causing serious water damage. Think about it, all of that snow, sleet, rain, debris. If those aren’t scary enough, think about all of the weight and pressure those things place on your home. It’s scary when you think about it.

Well, don’t be scared. There are always ways to help prevent destruction, and in this case, that would be a regular inspection.  Get up there, and check it out – or hire a contracting company to do it for you if heights and ladders aren’t your thing. Missing and/or damaged shingles are a bad sign. You must replace those are soon as possible. Without them, you’re asking for a problem. Water from rain, snow, etc. will easily slip through the cracks. Check the roof from the inside. If you can see light shining through, there’s a problem. You need to patch that up while the weather is still mild. If water gets in the home AND goes unnoticed, you could be looking at thousands in water damage. Also, be sure to check that the attic is being properly ventilated. Proper ventilation actually has the ability to extend the lifetime of your rooftop!

Warping, cracking the structure, destroyed drywall/wallpaper/paint, and mold growth are just a few things you can expect from improper roof care. But it’s not all about the roof itself, don’t forget the gutters and downspouts. These areas can also clog up with snow, ice, sleet, debris, etc. and cause all the same issues. Clear gutters when necessary and make sure the downspouts are facing away from the house. If you don’t have loads of time to accomplish this, try putting chicken wire above the gutters. This should prevent a lot of debris from coming in.

While prevention is great, it doesn’t always do the trick. Sometimes water can slip through. When that does happen, feel free to call our local water restoration company. We will be there and are happy to help with all of your water restoration needs! For a free, in-home estimate, just give us a call 24/7 at 1-888-443-3110.

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