After The Flood – Is Your Well Water Contaminated?
Flood Damage

After The Flood – Is Your Well Water Contaminated?

Well water may very well become contaminated following a flooding event, making the water unsuitable to drink or use in cooking or cleaning processes. It is important to know what to do in cases like this and exactly how to handle a contaminated scenario.

Flood conditions at the well should be examined, as swiftly moving currents can carry large amounts of debris that could damage or loosen any hardware in the well, distort the casing, or dislodge construction materials. If the well is not tightly capped, sediment and flood water may be able to get into the well and cause serious contamination.  Some wells have been known to collapse in on themselves as a result of water damage.

If the well has electrical components, do not turn them on until after the flood waters have receded, and then only after they have been inspected and approved by a certified electrician, well contractor, or pump specialist. Let them restore power to the unit and handle the initial power up and operation. This reduces risk of injury.

Pump operation may be severely diminished due to flooding, and this includes both the pump and its electrical components. The valves and gears will need to be cleared of any and all sand and silt, then properly lubricated to prevent burn out.

Wells may also need disinfection through the administration of a gallon of bleach poured down the well casing, followed by clean water being applied until chlorine is smelled through the hose. Once this solution has been applied, wait 24 hours before turning faucets back on, and do not cook, bathes, drink or wash clothes with this water during that time, as it will contain high amounts of chlorine. After 7 – 10 days, have the water tested for bacteria.

Your local health department can have your well water tested for contamination, and once the pump is back up and running, periodic tests should be conducted to make sure there are no subsequent problems.

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