Long Term Effects Of Flooding
Flood Damage

Long Term Effects Of Flooding

We all know that floods can occur year round, for any number of reasons, and may cause tremendous levels of damage to life and property. What is less talked about are the long-term effects of flood damage on communities, property, infrastructure, and even residential life.

Communities may be affected over the long haul, particularly if they are in areas that are not known for flooding. Atlanta learned that in 2011 when much of the metro area was underwater for an extended period. The city had never before experienced that level of flooding, and as a result, emergency response crews were ill prepared to deal with the level of damage that was inflicted by the storms that caused the flooding disaster.

The most obvious impacts are on the local economy, with businesses shut down for prolonged periods as well as the displacement of large portions of the local population, folks who are unable to return to their homes. The economic loss may be felt for months or even years to come.

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Properties are obviously damaged as a result of floods, since flood waters can literally shift a structure on its foundations, homes or businesses may require significant repair work to be done, work that could take a fairly long time to complete. Water not only damages foundations, drywall, and ceilings but can also wreak havoc on electrical and HVAC systems, both of which are very expensive to repair and restore to their pre-loss condition.

Worse, the longer your property remains untreated, the more likely are the chances for problems such as mold to occur. Mold presents a serious health hazard and can easily increase your repair costs by as much as a third (or more).

Local infrastructure may also be affected.  Sinkholes along public roads are common side effects of flooding, with the ground beneath the road becoming saturated and soft, unable to support the weight of the road above. Areas that are hilly could be prone to mudslides which can garner enough momentum to sweep away homes, cars, and people. Mudslides are quite common in areas of the American West such as California and make the news almost every year.

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