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Your Basement Is Flooded, Who Do You Call?

So, like many homeowners before you, you are reluctantly and humbly telling yourself “my basement is flooded” and immediately after the statement comes the question “who do I call for a flooded basement?”. We will show all the different calls you should make and why. When your basement floods there typically isn’t a single number you should call solves all the issues.

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1. Qualified Electrician

Water and electricity don’t mix. The very first call you should make is to a qualified electrician to come shut the power off to your basement to reduce the risk of electric shock. This step is often overlooked

2. Water Damage Restoration Company

A qualified water damage restoration company like ourselves are the very next company you call with a flooded basement. In some cases, it could be the last person you call. A water restoration company can assess the damage in your flooded basement, remove the water and dry the area so¬†thoroughly to ensure mold won’t grow. Drying is more than just removing water, it is dehumidifying to ensure no moisture is left in the home. Moisture left in the home can lead to mold which may cause future health issues.
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3. Local Plumber

A local plumber may be needed the cause of your water damage is still a problem. If your basement flooded because of a faulty or leaky pipe you will need to call a plumber to fix the plumbing issue. Many people think that calling a plumber is the only call you need to make. Typically plumbers only do plumbing and do not remove the water or dry the basement.

4. Insurance Company

If you have flood insurance, one of your first calls should be to your insurance provider. You may try calling your insurance company. If you have coverage they may have preselected a couple restoration companies that you can call. This is an easy route but often it is difficult to speak with a representative at an insurance company that is helpful at all. If you can find a helpful one than they are an option to call if your basement is flooded.

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