Preventing Mold In The Kitchen
Mold Removal

Preventing Mold in the Kitchen

When most people think of mold they often think of rotten food found in the back of the refrigerator. However, did you know mold can grow in many other places in your kitchen that are completely unrelated to food? A large amount of mold growth within homes can be caused by unwanted moisture. This is why it is very important to keep your home clean and dry.

One way of preventing mold in your kitchen is to regularly check on your pipes. It is important to keep an eye on the faucets in your in your kitchen. This includes checking both above and below the sink. Even if a pipe has only an extremely small drip it can still be enough to result in mold growth. Often time’s leaks can be so minimal that you cannot actually see water coming from the pipe unless you sit and watch it over a period of time. In cases like this it is important to look at and feel the floor beneath the pipes to make sure that there are no signs of water damage. If there are signs of water or mold damage you should call a professional to fix the pipes and appropriately take care of mold removal.

A Common Source of Mold

Perhaps a place in your kitchen that you may not think to check for water leakage is your refrigerator. Most refrigerators today have a water and ice dispenser built into the face of the design. These dispensers on your refrigerator require a tube to carry water through them. With aging or poor installation, water can begin to leak from these tubes inside the walls of the refrigerator or underneath the refrigerator. Prevent water leaking and mold growth by keeping a close eye on the water and ice dispensers on your refrigerator system. If you are experiencing problems with these systems don’t hesitate to get them looked at because leaks can result in expensive water damage and mold remediation.

If you are able to keep an eye on these two areas of your kitchen (pipes and refrigerator system) you will be able to greatly reduce the chances of having water and mold damage within your home.

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