Flood Damage And Your Pets
Flood Damage

Flood Damage And Your Pets

Much is made about staying safe and secure during a flood, as well as remaining safe in the aftermath and cleanup. Less is said however about our fury friends, the pets who share our homes and our lives. They need to be looked after just as diligently as you would another family member. Remember that pets may fall prey to many of the same dangers that threaten humans.

Floods and other major water damage problems often generate a significant amount of debris, much of which may have sharp or ragged edges that can cause serious injury. Flooding also attracts wildlife, which takes refuge in whatever enclosed structure they can find. This often means flooded out homes or businesses. Just as you would not want to risk running up on a venomous snake or angry raccoon, neither do your pets need to encounter them. Domesticated creatures will always lose if forced into a confrontation with a wild animal. Bites from these creatures may be poisonous or carry rabies.

Flood waters should always be considered contaminated, and these contaminates can cause serious illness for your family and your pets. Keep pets away from flood waters, and do not give them water from the spigot unless it has been boiled first. This is for everybody’s health.

In the event of an evacuation, take your pets with you. It would be cruel to leave them behind to fend for themselves. Pack a bag for them with enough food, medications, and other supplies to support a stay of three or four days away from home. Make sure your evacuation destination accepts pets.  During repairs and restoration of your property, you may want to house them at a kennel or with friends. They should not be allowed back on the property until it is safe.

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