Flood Season Is Here
Flood Damage

Flood Season Is Here

In Northeast Ohio area where I live, flooding is a common occurrence. It rains a lot and a lot of us have basements. It generally ranges from a few inches to a few feet! So, this is nothing new. But have you ever seen a basement go completely under, to the point where the FIRST FLOOR is flooding? It’s a pretty scary thought. If you’ve had this happen before, you already know what a hassle it is. If not, here are a few tips!

–Always, always, always shut off the electricity. This should always be your first thought when you see a pool of water in the home. Electrocution risks during floods are off the charts!

–Another thing that you should remember, speed is key. Mold growth can begin in as little as 48 hours after exposure to water.

–Save as many items as you can, throw out those that have no chance. Extremely porous materials almost always get thrown away.

–After electricity is off and materials are removed, you may start water extraction. A wetvac would be your best bet in this case. Also, dehumidifiers, fans, blowers, open doors and windows, and anything that will get circulation going will be a huge help.

–Heating and air conditioning can also help you out with drying out the property. After you’ve had some circulation, you can shut the doors and windows, and turn the air on. After the house has chilled, switch to heat. When it hits 80 in the home, you may restart the drying process until there is no longer moisture.

–If you notice mold, make sure to take care of this immediately as well! Just an FYI, this requires a TON of work or professional help.

Professionals are usually the way to go on this kind of thing. A small leak? Most people can handle that, but a flood is a whole other story. Call the water damage cleanup professionals today for your free estimate. We will give you the run-down of what we will do, and how to prevent from further damage. We’re here 24/7 to help you!

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