Generator Safety for a Flooded Basement
Flood Damage

Generator Safety for a Flooded Basement

During times of heavy storms, older basements are unpredictable. Sometimes basements hold up against the heavy precipitation and other times you go downstairs to find a disaster zone. When coming across water damage in your basement it is important to make sure you stay safe throughout the restoration process.

During a flood often the power can go out which in return many people use portable generators to try to power a sump pump to remove water from their flooded basement. In other scenarios it is not safe to try to cleanup water damage if the main circuit breaker is in the area of the flooding. In these scenarios it is important to turn the power source off yourself, to avoid the risk of electrocution. In both these scenarios it is common for the need of a portable generator to help remove the water damage from your home.

The problem with using portable generators to cleanup flooding is that most people do not use them correctly, creating even more safety hazards in an already unsafe environment. In many cases, people use the generator in the same room that the flooding is happening or just outside of the room. Leaving the generator run within a contained room is not safe because of the fumes that are given off as it runs. As gas generators run they produce carbon monoxide, which in return is deadly when too much is inhaled in confined areas. For safety reasons, when using a portable generator it is important to set it up outside, far away from the house. This will avoid any poisonous fumes from building up within a room, as well as preventing the fumes from being blown into the house.

Although it might be inconvenient to have to set up your generator away from the house, in the end your safety it what is most important throughout the flooding cleanup process.  The entire water restoration process can be very frustrating and stressful but it is important to always take the time to take care of the damage safely, so that further problems are avoided. If taking care of the mess by yourself becomes too overwhelming or you are concerned about being able to safely cleanup the area call a restoration company to take care of the flooding for you, as they deal with these problems day in and day out and are water damage experts.

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