Hazards of Sitting Water In Your Home
Water Damage

Hazards of Sitting Water In Your Home

Water can find its way into your home in a number of ways. Whether water forces it way into your home from flooding or if it escapes from a burst pipe it is important for water to be cleaned up as soon as possible. The longer water sits within your home the more extensive damage that can occur as well as the higher range of problems that can result from water damage. If you find your home saturated with water be sure to take immediate action to get rid of the water. If you do not have time to take action quickly it is important to call a water restoration specialists to resolve the problem for you.

Immediate Damage

When people think of water damage they most commonly think about the immediate damage caused by intruding water. Immediate damage includes problems such as stained carpets, water stains on wood materials, and ruined pictures and other invaluable objects. The best way to prevent these damages is to make sure your basement walls don’t have any cracks or fractures. Secondly, it is good practice to keep valuable possessions in high areas in water sealed containers.

Structural Damage

Another common type of water damage that occurs in the home deals with the rotting of wood. As water sits within the home wooden beams begin to soak in the water. This can cause weakening of the structure of your home in two ways. The first type of structural damage results in the actual rotting and deterioration of the wood within your home. The second way that water can destroy the foundation of your home happens when water is absorbed within the wood. This forces the wood to expand resulting in nails and planks to separate from each other. For these reasons it is important keep your home dry and to remove unwanted water as quickly as possible.

Mold Damage

Letting water sit within your home also creates an environment for hazardous molds to begin to grow within your home. In just 48 hours of sitting water mold can begin to grow in your home. Mold is a very annoying problem because it hides within the cracks, walls and ceilings of your home making it very hard to ever fully remove. It also creates a problem because different molds can cause health problems ranging from asthma to bleeding lungs. The faster that water is removed from the home reduces the chance that mold has to take hold within your home. If you find mold within your home be sure to call mold restoration specialist.

When water sits within your home be sure to get it out quickly. People often wait for a convenient time to remove the water, which causes more problems for themselves in the long run. Sitting water creates additional problems such as foundational problems and mold growth. If you can’t remove the water when it first enters your home it is best to call a water damage specialist to take care of the problems for you.

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