Why Hire a Professional to Handle the Restoration Process
Water Damage

Why Hire a Professional to Handle the Restoration Process

Seeing a home and valuable possessions get damaged by water or consumed by fire can be very devastating to a homeowner. Water damage is the loss caused by water intruding in areas where it will attack surfaces or items causing destruction like rusting, the growth of mold, de-laminating of materials and rotting of wood. Damage by water can be slow and minor like water spots that can mar a surface, or can be instant and catastrophic like flooding. Fire damage, on the other hand, refers to the physical damage to property caused by fire.

While water damage and fire damage might seem like they are at other ends of the spectrum, they can occur simultaneously. For instance, a fire can lead to a burst tank or pipe which can cause water spillage in your building.

Common Causes of Water Damage

  1. Poor Plumbing: Issues with the plumbing system are the most common cause of water damage. This may be due to inappropriately attached pipe joints and hoses. Ensure that all water installments are properly fixed and perform periodic once-overs on your plumbing system to help mitigate plumbing problems.
  2. Malfunctioning Appliances: Another common source of water intrusion is malfunctioning appliances like freezers, refrigerators, dishwasher or washing machine. As these items become old, their pipes and tubes wear out and even crack. The result of this is leakages which in turn cause water damage.
  3. Natural Disaster: Heavy rains, cyclones, storms, and hurricanes can all cause water buildup. While you have no control over these natural disasters, you can take preventive measures ahead of time to reduce their effects on your property.

Effects of Water Damage

  1. Mold Growth: Not only does mold damage the structure of your home, but it can also cause several health problems. Inhaling mold spores can cause asthma, allergies, among other respiratory problems.
  2. Property Damage: Water can damage household items as well as your home’s foundation. The metal, cement, and wood that form your home’s structure may get exposed to water making your home unsafe to inhabit.

Causes of Fire Damage

  1. Electricity: Many people underestimate the risk of fire from electric power. However, the absence of a flame does not mean that there is no fire risk present. Electronics and appliances that are not properly ventilated can overheat and start a fire. Faulty, outdated and naked wires can also cause a spark, leading to a house fire.
  2. Smoking: According to the National Fire Protection Association, smoking causes more house fire deaths compared to any other cause of house fires. This mostly happens when one falls asleep while smoking or fails to use an ashtray properly.
  3. Cooking: Cooking is another common cause of house fires. This is because cooking involves the use of items like ovens, food, cooking oil and stovetops that can catch fire quickly.

Effects of Fire Damage

  1. Property Damage: Fire does not only destroy personal belongings, but it can also damage the structure of your home. Sometimes, the damage can be significant enough to cause the whole property to collapse.
  2. Smoke Odor and Residue: The smoke produced by fire is as deadly as the fire itself. Smoke contains toxic gasses and chemicals like carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, styrene and nitrogen oxides among others. Exposure to these substances can cause immediate effects like irritation of the nose, eyes, and throat. Long-term exposure, on the other hand, can cause headaches, reduced alertness, or even worsen angina (a condition where a patient experiences severe pain in the chest).

Getting Help

If you experience water or fire damage, immediately call professionals to handle the situation. A restoration company has technicians who have water and fire damage training and expertise to clean up and restore your home quickly. Despite the size or extent of damage, the professionals will come up with an immediate course of action to deal with the water or fire damage.

When restoring water damage, the company will inspect the damage to provide a quote, remove the water, dry and repair areas affected by the disaster. The fire restoration process, on the other hand, entails inspecting the house, removing debris, cleaning the affected areas, and finally treating the house to get rid of odors. The restoration company will ensure that your home is restored to its original, livable condition.

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