How To Prevent Mold In A New Home Construct
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How To Prevent Mold In A New Home Construct

Much is made of mold in older homes, or homes that have experienced water damage or flood problems. What is less reported is that many new home constructs may also have serious problems with mold, and the new home you think you are buying that should be free of any such issues may in fact already have a serious mold issue.

There are a number of reasons that new homes may have mold present. There are the usual suspects, such as leaking pipes which may cause an abundance of moisture to build up which is the most common catalyst for mold growth.  Pipework should be inspected to make sure all connections have been properly made and that all seals are in place and functioning properly.

Shoddy construction techniques may be another factor, with walls or roofs improperly sealed, this allows access to the home’s interior by rain, ice, sleet, or snow. Anyone of these can provide the level of moisture needed to permit mold growth.

There is also the fact that many new homes stay locked up for extended periods, weeks, even months before a buyer comes along. Without proper air circulation, homes become musty and humid over time, which again sets the stage for mold growth and propagation. If you are attempting to sell a vacant home, take the time every few days to go to the location, open some windows, and get fresh air circulating throughout the house.

You may also want to look into the use of a dehumidifier which will run at given times and help reduce the level of relative humidity in the air. Through increased circulation, coupled with the reduction in humidity, you may be able to keep the chances for mold growth in check.

If you are buying a new home and have any suspicion at all that mold may be present, then you should ask for a mold inspection to be performed as a condition for buying the house. This is a small concession for the owner to be able to provide peace of mind for the buyer. No one wants to entertain the thought that they might be buying into a pre-existing problem.

If mold is discovered, it should be dealt with promptly, since it is not a problem that will go away on its own. The mold will need to be removed and the area treated to make sure that it does not return.

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