Hurricane Arthur Packs A Punch
Storm Damage

Hurricane Arthur Packs A Punch

Hurricane Arthur kicked off the 2014 hurricane season and packed quite a punch last week. Thankfully, no casualties were reported when this Category 2 beast roared ashore, but it did cause quite a bit of damage. North Carolina took the brunt of the hurricane winds at 100 MPH causing significant flooding. Along with flooding, hundreds of thousands of North Carolina residents experienced power outages. As hurricanes go, Arthur wasn’t too significant. However, residents affected by the hurricane are still working to pick up the pieces. Some reminders when you’re in the path of a hurricane:

Evacuate if you can. Hurricanes, while slow moving, are unpredictable. Just like any other weather event, forecasters aren’t always accurate with their predictions. A category 2 hurricane can become a category 3 or 4 hurricane within hours. If you’re able to get out of its path, do so.

When a power failure occurs, be sure to avoid downed power lines. Report all power line issues to local authorities. Also, if you smell gas, report it immediately and get out of the area.

Use extreme caution with floodwaters. Never drive through flooded streets. Be wary of water that appears shallow. Just 6” of water can knock over a grown man. Floodwaters can displace dangerous animals from their homes to yours – snakes, raccoons, etc.

Listen to local officials. If they indicate a road is unsafe or water is contaminated or that evacuation is mandatory, heed their warnings. Hurricanes are not only one of the most damaging weather events monetarily, but they’re also one of the deadliest.

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