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Lightning Damage Restoration

Lighting strikes to or near your home have the potential to cause fire and smoke damage. They can also cause trees to fall, leading to damage that allows water into your property. We provide fire and smoke damage restoration, water damage restoration, and mold removal services for damage caused by lightning.Restoration Local don’t just restore your home or business, we restore your life. As the #1 network of restoration companies in the nation, we have listings for fire damage companies in your area. Select a local fire restoration contractor now. For immediate service, call 1-888-443-3110 to speak with the on-call company nearest you.

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What is Lightning

Lightning is an electrostatic discharge that occurs during a thunderstorm. A discharge within a single cloud or between two clouds is called a flash. If lightning hits the ground, it’s called a strike.

3 Common Dangers of Lightning Striking Your House

  • Fire: A lightning strike can start a fire on the roof or in your attic and may also cause an electrical fire if it reaches the wiring in your home. A roof or electrical fire can produce a large amount of fire and smoke damage throughout your home.
  • Power Surge: Another concern of a lightning strike is that it may cause a surge through electrical wiring and systems. This could damage electronics and appliances or even cause sparks that start a fire or produce smoke.
  • Shockwave: The intensity of the lightning strike can produce a powerful shockwave that damage concrete, brick, cinder block, plaster and stone and even break glass or crack your foundation.

The Danger of Lightning Striking Trees

Lightning strikes to trees and other vegetation can cause fire and smoke damage and even start wildfires. In addition to the risk of fire spreading to your house, the shockwave from a lightning strike can break branches or even knock over the entire tree. This can damage roofs siding and may lead to water damage during severe rainstorms.

Types of Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration Local Repairs

Restoration Local’s network of experienced restoration professionals provide fire and smoke damage restoration, water damage restoration, and mold removal services for damage caused by lightning strikes. We remove and restore fire-damaged materials, including drywall, cabinets, ceilings, and floors and cleanup of smoke and soot.Because smoke and soot can travel much further than flames, they can stain both the outside and inside of your property, as well as get into the air ducts. Smoke and soot can stain items within your properly and cause smokey odors. We offer complete smoke and soot removal, as well as odor elimination.If you have water damage from firefighting efforts or from water leaking through exterior damage associated with a lightning strike, our water damage specials can extract the water and dry out the affected area. If water sat for an extended period, mold may also be an issue. Our restoration specialists can mitigate mold and prevent it from returning as well.

How Much Does Fire, Smoke, and Water Damage Restoration Caused By a Lightning Strike Cost

Estimating the cost of restoration after a lightning strike fire is difficult without seeing the damage first hand. Every situation is unique and smoke and soot can travel much further than flames. The price of restoration depends on the amount of damage and whether there is water damage from firefighting efforts. Our fire and smoke damage restoration contractors offer a free, no-obligation estimate.

Will My Homeowners Insurance Cover Damage from Lightning

Most insurance policies cover damages caused by sudden and accidental events, however, there may be some limitations. Review your policy for complete details. If you have smoke or fire damage from a lightning strike, our restoration professionals will call your insurance with you to ensure you don’t say the wrong thing that may result in your claim being denied.

Find Fire Damage Restoration Contractor Near You

Restoration Local will connect you with a local fire damage restoration contractor after a fire from a lightning strike. Find a local fire damage restoration company now. We’re the largest network of restoration companies, so you can choose from independent contractors as well as many popular franchises like Bio-OneRestoration 1, and Steamatic. For emergency response, call 1-888-443-3110 to speak with the on-call fire damage company in your area. They are available for a free estimate 24-hours a day.

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