Hurricane Isaac Weakens but still Packs a Punch
Storm Damage

Hurricane Isaac Weakens but still Packs a Punch

Hurricane Isaac has been downgraded to the class of a tropical storm, however, the rainfall still remains strong. The weakening of the storm brings relief to many people but the bad weather is far from over. Although Hurricane Isaac is a much weaker storm than Hurricane Katrina was seven years ago it is still a very destructive storm.

The slow-moving pace of Isaac has caused high amounts of rainfall for most of Louisiana. Instead of moving through the area quickly the storm has hovered above cities and towns of Louisiana, continuing to release high amounts of precipitation. For now, the extent of the damage from the storm is unknown, but news of destruction and coverage of flooded neighborhoods has continued to be reported. Just outside of New Orleans the high amounts of precipitation has caused a levee to break. In response to the levee failure officials have increased the areas of mandatory evacuation.

Many other cities along the coast of Louisiana have been heavily flooded as well. Plaquemines Parish is one example of a community that has been overwhelmed with rising water. Many homes in such communities are almost completely engulfed by the water with only the roofs visible from above. For some, damage caused by Isaac has exceeded the damage witnessed throughout Katrina.

As the storm moves further inland though it will continue to weaken. The further away Isaac is from the ocean it will continue to lose its water supply, drying the tropical storm out. However, as the storm shows signs of decreasing fears are rising of potential tornadoes in result from the spinning cloud patterns that Isaac is producing. Tropical Storm Isaac may be a weakening storm, but it is important to stay sheltered until the storm has completely passed and to stayed tuned to local weather advisories.

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