Hurricane Safety & Damage Prevention
Storm Damage

Hurricane Safety & Damage Prevention

Every year hurricane season comes around raising concern about safety and property damage. With the latest tropical storm strengthening in the Gulf of Mexico it is important to know how to prepare for such a storm. Whether you are in the predicted path of the storm or not it is always important to know the appropriate precautions to take in the event that a storm does arrive.

  1. Secure your property: Take the time to put shutters on your home, or board up your windows. This precaution helps prevent flying objects from breaking through the windows of your home. Not only does this help prevent the physical damage from broken windows but by keeping the windows secure it also prevents potential hazardous water damage to your home. It is also important to look over your property carefully and make sure everything that could be swept up in the storm is secured. This includes all lawn furniture and outdoor swing sets or other children’s toys.
  2. Secure and Prepare Vehicles: Take the time to fill up your car before the storm hits. In the event that an emergency does arrive, you will have plenty of fuel in your car to get where you need to go. If you own a boat or any other water vehicle it is also important to make sure it is properly secured before bad weather arrives.
  3. Prepare an Emergency Bag: It is always a good idea to keep a bag packed with items that you may need in the event of an emergency. Items that you should have on hand include a flashlight with plenty of batteries, an emergency radio, food, bottled water, and a first aid kit. Make sure to take the time to prepare a bag ahead of time because when hurricanes are on the brink of arrival many stores may run out of the necessary supplies.
  4. Clean your Gutters: Taking the time to clear out your gutters can make a big difference when it comes to the security of your home. Gutters are meant to redirect water from pooling at the base of your home, in return preventing water damage and flooding. If your gutters are clogged with leaves or other debris they are useless and water will overflow and gather at the basin of your home.

Hurricane season is upon us but taking the proper steps can prevent major damage to your property. Whether it is physical damage of something crashing into your home or the elusive water damage that can sneak into your home, it is always important to take care of your property before a storm hits. Be sure to always take shelter and think through safety routes and evacuations ahead of time in case of an emergency.

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