Hurricane Sandy: Effects Still Felt
Storm Damage

Hurricane Sandy: Effects Still Felt

Hurricane Sandy is slowing down, but the effects of the storm are still largely felt in the path of destruction that has been left behind. A $20 billion in damages to business and home property have been estimated in result of the storm so far. City officials and safety departments have been working around the clock to try to minimize water damage and keep people safe but there is still much to be done.

In New York fires have broken out with high winds spreading flames from building to building. Many people are left without homes having to turn to authorities for help. Reporters have called Hurricane Sandy, New York’s Hurricane Katrina because of the large amount of destruction that has been left behind.

The high winds have caused many people to go without power because of tree limbs and other objects taking out power lines. Electric companies have been working tirelessly around the clock but the majority of people are still left without power. Tuesday morning about 8 million customers were without power, and as of Tuesday evening 7 million customers still have no electricity.

Fear of possible further complications may result from the loss of power as a cold front has been following Hurricane Sandy. Temperatures across the eastern United States are predicted to be in the 30’s and 40’s in the following days. City officials urge citizens to stay warm and move to shelters if possible.

Since Hurricane Sandy has hit the coast 43 fatalities have been reported in the U.S. Although there have been a range in the causes of deaths, most have been related to falling trees. It is important to stay indoors and away from tree limbs until the storm has fallen. Also if any down power lines are spotted officials advise citizens to call authorities and to avoid them at all costs, even if they appear to be dead lines.

Although the brunt of Hurricane Sandy has already pushed onward the devastating effects are only now being felt by the storm. It is important to keep you and your loved ones safety in mind. If flooding or leaks ensue be sure to call a water damage company to take care of the problem before is spirals out of control. Be sure to follow city official’s warnings until further instructed, as safety is important during such harsh weather.

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