Minot Flooding, North Dakota
Flood Damage

Minot Flooding

This year’s abnormal and extreme weather does not seem to want to cease. Our country has been battered with 3 feet pile of snow and left devastated with one of the highest numbers of tornados in recorded history. Unfortunately, does not surprise us to turn on the news these days and hear of the Souris River in North Dakota swelling and flooding towns. City officials blame the rise of water levels to high snowmelt and rainfall in Canada, which then causes the river to flood into surrounding towns that are downstream. At some places, the river has already risen six feet above the previous record.

One of these towns is Minot, North Dakota, the fourth largest city in the state with about 40,000 residents. The evacuation zone has forced about 10,000 of these residents to leave their homes and leaving their future in uncertainty. In response to the flood, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is considering releasing water from a nearby lake and also raising levees to hopefully allow some of the water to continue in flowing downstream. National Guard troops are using sandbags to help fortitude the levee that

Some are disregarding their own safety and are trying last-ditch efforts of saving their property, such as digging moats or taping plastic outside of their houses. But even after the flood recedes and the river returns to the normal water depth, there are more troubles looming. It is an unarguable fact that many people in the Minot area will return to a home that is inhabitable due to water damage and will then face some difficult decisions. Some areas have water levels that completely swallow houses and the structural damage, not to even mention the other consequences of water damage, would force repairing the houses to be out of the question.

The financial burdens of this flood will be high and the tragedy is of course that many will lose precious belongings and livelihoods. But of course, the main concern is of the health and safety of the residents. So far, there have been no casualties, which is the number one goal of officials. National Guard troops are using sandbags to help fortitude the levee that encircles the sweat and water treatment plants. As a result, for the time being, the local sewer and water service has also been protected, which if it were to fail would cause an even more widespread evacuation.

The only thing residents and citizens of Minot, North Dakota and its surrounding areas can do is to wait, pray, hope, and be thankful that there have been no loss of life. Sometimes it is hard to keep perspective in times of crisis and when we are faced with the imminent realization that all our possessions our lost. The thought of losing an entire home to water damage is difficult to swallow. But time will heal and replace all the materials and possessions that are lost. Let us all hope that the amount of time will be at the minimum.

We pray for a quick recovery for those impacted by Minot flooding.

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