Early Mold Remediation Is The key
Mold Removal

Mold Inspections Are Suggested As Allergy Season Begins

True, it is severe weather season, but if you haven’t already noticed, it’s also allergy season. More of us are waking up with that clogged feeling in our throats, sneezing, wheezing, and coughing. It’s no fun, and it may also signal that another problem is afoot, namely that of mold growing in your home.  Allergy sufferers are particularly at risk for problems associated with mold, so it is important to have your home properly inspected for mold issues and take care of them as they arise.

Any excess moisture inside your home may be a trigger for mold growth, and once it is established, it begins to grow and will not stop until it is properly remediated. Homes, businesses, and even entire city blocks have been condemned and torn down, for no other reason than out of control mold growth.

Constant exposure to mold spores that are carried throughout the home by your ventilation system may result in illness, so obviously it is a problem that requires immediate attention.

Restoration Local provides not only first-rate water removal services but also high-quality mold removal and remediation. Our service providers across the country are well trained and experienced in handling even large-scale mold infestations, removing them without causing further damage or additional problems for you and your family.

Too many people, however, make one serious mistake; namely believing that all they have to do is kill the mold and their problems will be over. Not so. Mold occurs as a result of environmental conditions being just right for the mold to grow. These conditions include an abundance of moisture, combined with a lack of proper ventilation. The area must be treated and conditions improved in order to prevent the mold from returning. Without this vital step in the process, you will simply end up doing the same thing over and over and over again (like something out of a bad horror movie).

Restoration Local providers offer free water removal and mold remediation quotes to customers, explaining exactly what it will take to remove the mold from their home, as well as the cost involved, and the time needed to fix the problem correctly.

The key of course, as with any problem, is early detection. Remember that mold may appear in as little as 72 hours following a water damage problem (sooner if the water is sewage based), and smaller growths are far easier to eliminate than large ones.

One additional cost that is not generally considered is the amount of structural damage that mold can cause. Mold eats away and destroys the surface on which it grows, meaning that unchecked mold growth can lead to the premature breakdown of wood or metal in your home, weakening the structure overall and making it unsafe for habitation.

Don’t wait, call the water removal and mold remediation experts at Restoration Local today.

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