Preparation for Flood Damages
Flood Damage

Preparation for Flood Damages

Strange weather has become commonplace throughout this winter. Now with spring here most temperatures are consistently setting record highs while other places are getting unexpected snow. If you take one thing away from the weather that we have been experiencing it should be that you should always be prepared for anything and everything.

One thing that people should be particularly ready for this time of year is rain. The spring always brings rain and lots of it. Along with heavy amounts of precipitation comes rising water levels and often flooding. Take some steps to try and prevent water damage from flooding because you can’t fix things after the fact. Here are some tips and steps to take to try and prevent damage from basement flooding.

  1. Flooding can happen when you least expect it. Even if you are in an area far away from rivers and lakes flooding can still occur. This is why it is always good to know what your home insurance covers. Make sure you check with your home insurance company to know if flooding is covered under your policy and to what extent damages are covered.
  2. It is also very important to make sure that you have a sump pump available on your property. The best idea is to buy a sump pump when you don’t need it because during a flood it will be hard to find them in stock. Removing water quickly after flooding is very important because the longer water sits the further water damage that can be done to your home. For example, mold and mildew can take hold of your home in just 48 hours of sitting water.
  3. A third step to take caution from water damage is to keep valuables in your home off the floor. Often people have sentimental possessions as well as other valuables stored away in the basement. However when you least expect it water damage can make its way into your home. This is why it is important to keep valuables up high where water can’t get to it as well as keeping valuables in waterproof containers or bags. These simple steps can prevent major headaches in the long run.

Overall, you can never know when water damage and flooding damage will come, however you can be prepared for the mess. If you do find yourself dealing with a flooded basement be sure to call a water restoration specialist to clean up the mess. Water restoration companies not only get rid of the water but they are also exceptional at sanitizing your home to get rid of bacteria, mold, and disease that water can bring into your home.

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