Preparing for Flood Season
Flood Damage

Preparing for Flood Season

During the winter very few people have concerns about flooding on their minds, however, the time to prepare for water damage is now. Every year around spring the combination of winter snow melting and frequent heavy rains create dangerous conditions for flooding to occur. Before the warmer weather gets here it is important to make sure your basement is not at risk of flooding.

Every year thousands of homeowners are forced to deal with water damage due to flooded basements. Flooding within basements can occur due to a number of reasons such as a failed sump pump, cracks in the foundation of the home and failure of water draining systems. Preventing the need for frustrating water restoration plans can be as simple as taking the appropriate steps before the snow melts and rainstorms gather ahead.

  • One of the easiest ways to prevent basement flooding is to make sure all of your draining systems are working appropriately. Check all the gutters on the roof of your house to make sure that they are not clogged with leaves or other debris. Secondly, it is important to make sure that all the drainpipes are fully intact, so that water isn’t escaping to the base of the house. Finally, it is important to check to make sure the water is being directed away from the house. Depending on how much rain or water you are expecting to get should help determine how far away the drainpipes should lead away from the house.
  • Take the time to make sure your sump pump is working appropriately. Often times the determining factor of dealing with a flooded basement is due to the failure of a sump pump. If you are unsure if your sump pump is working appropriately you can call a water restoration specialist to check the appliance.
  • The third way to prevent a flooded basement is to take the time to scan your basement’s foundation for any cracks or fractures. Often times the wall along the basement will even begin to bow inward due to the pressure of the home pressing down on it over the years. If there is a problem with the foundation of the basement it is important to have it fixed quickly, as the problem will only continue to grow, and water damage will find its way into the home.

Flooding in the basement can be a very common problem during the spring, but taking the right steps ahead of time can completely eliminate the problem. If you should find yourself questioning if your basement is prone to flooding or want help making your home waterproof, contacting a water restoration company is a great way to get the advice and help needed. Take the time to make sure water stays out of your home this spring before flooding has the chance to occur.

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