Government to Help Flood Victims
Water Damage

President Obama Allocates Funds for Flooding Study

In the wake of Hurricane Irene and the subsequent damage caused by Tropical Storm Lee, President Obama has allocated $1 million to find a solution for water damage due to flooding in New Jersey, specifically the Passaic River Flood Basin.

The money, part of the President’s 2013 Fiscal year budget, will be used to support a re-evaluation study for the region.  The study is designed to provide state and federal agencies with data and information to help them formulate an appropriate and effective plan for water damage mitigation to protect the community and surrounding environment.

Hurricane Irene blasted much of the Eastern Seaboard last fall with high winds and torrential rains, and New Jersey was one of the hardest hit areas with more than 10 inches of rainfall over the course of a couple of days.  In the aftermath, President Obama had promised flood victims that the federal government would help them rebuild their communities after touring some of the more severe devastation in the state.

New Jersey Congressman Bill Pascrell was pleased with the President’s decision, saying, “I am very grateful that President Obama did not forget what he saw when he walked through flood-ravaged areas of Paterson and Wayne last summer,” Pascrell said in a statement.

The flooding that occurred as the result of Irene and Lee was among the most destructive flood events of the last century.

Hurricane Irene proved beyond all doubt that flooding can occur anywhere, and at any time.  As a result it is important for home and business owners to be properly prepared.  Steps should be taken to protect properties from damage caused by flooding.  This may be done through the installation of sump pumps in lower levels, making sure that landscaping slopes away from the property to allow for efficient drainage, and having adequate insurance coverage against flood related damage.

Property owners are also advised to obtain contact information for their local Clean Trust certified flood and water damage restoration professionals.

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