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Handling Fire Damage

No matter what the size, fires will create noticeable damage to the home, although it might not always be so bad that you have to call in for professional help. In some cases where you are lucky enough to be able to extinguish the fire and take control, you can do remediation on your own. Just don’t forget that smoke and soot buildup can also cause damage, it’s not just burnt items.

After any fire, the first step is to step back and see what is recoverable and what is not. Remove all of the recoverable items and place them in a different area of the home. Even though some items may not be burned, it doesn’t mean they aren’t damaged. Numerous items could be severely smoke damaged. Walls and ceilings will also experience damage from all the smoke, flames, and soot that rises during fires. To eliminate soot from the walls, a special chemical cleaner is applied to the walls and/or ceilings. Preferably using a mop as this will cover the most amount of space in the quickest time. After the area has been cleaned up and wiped down with the chemical cleaner, there still may be smoke residue and even a scent left behind. Walls and ceilings can be painted to fix this problem. It is recommended to prime the area before painting.

Unplug and do not use any appliance that was involved in a fire until a licensed technician can come and look at it. Same goes for the electrical wiring in the home, it must be looked at before you start using it again. You do not want to turn something on and have it burst into flames again. In most cases, the appliance is not too damaged and is able to be repaired. On the chance that you do get lucky and can save the appliance, cleaning and replacement of burners and drip pans is necessary. Any burns can be covered with a special heat proof paint.

Whether you don’t want to complete the restoration process or the damage was too far beyond you being able to, we are here to help. We are available every day at all hours of the day. Our staff is filled with highly trained, certified professionals that are always happy to help. Give us a call anytime at PHONE with all of your restoration needs.