Water Damage, Water Damage Restoration

How to Choose a Water Restoration Company

When you are dealing with flooding in your home the most convenient and effective way to deal with it is to call a water restoration company.

When flooding occurs it can be a very stressful time. So, knowing you have trusted water restoration experts can be very helpful. “How do I find a trusted water restoration company?” You may ask. You can check a phonebook or you could search online for one. But how do you know what you are getting is the best possible service? First look for an industry seal, such as the Restoration Industry Association (RIA) or Clean Trust (IICRC).  These industry certifications show that the company has made the effort, and dedicated the finances required to have their personnel properly trained by industry leaders in all areas of water damage restoration.

Another question you may ask yourself is “Do they do more than just water removal?” And the answer should be yes. Most water restoration contractors can do a variety of services such as water extraction, mold removal, carpet cleaning and structural drying.

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Another important and useful service a company can offer is direct billing to your insurance provider. The last thing you would want to deal with after your home was just damaged would be the insurance company. That’s why credible water restoration experts will work with both your insurance company and insurance adjuster.

Choosing a water restoration company can be a stressful proposition but it doesn’t always have to be. That’s why RestorationLocal should be your restoration provider when disaster strikes. We are the industry leaders in water damage restoration services which are available in all 50 states ready to serve you. We have everything that was just mentioned above including the seals of industry certifications, the vast amount of provided services and the insurance know-how. Don’t settle for the first company you find in a phonebook. Look for the best possible service that will get your home back to being beautiful.

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