Fire Damage, Water Damage

Overcoming Fire Damage with Restoration

There’s been a fire and you’re wondering where to begin with the cleanup process.  Looking around, the water used to extinguish the fire has also caused water damage.  Any fire and water damage requires immediate attention to prevent permanent losses from occurring.  Most of these occurrences require a professional restoration company to evaluate and begin the proper steps necessary.  Restoration companies understand that time is critical and should respond immediately to estimate the damage, work with your insurance company, and begin the fire restoration process.

The restoration company can evaluate the fire and the type of smoke damage that has occurred, whether it be a wet smoke caused by a low fire that has an odor and sticky texture, a dry smoke from fast burning high temperature fire, a protein smoke that has an extremely pungent odor but invisible, or a fuel oil soot smoke that resulted from furnace current returns.  Fire and smoke damage can be very extensive and touch just about everything, such as all types of surfaces, walls, ceilings, drapes, carpets, blinds, ventilation systems.  Even more troublesome is the widespread odor and the coating of soot.

Water fire damage caused as a result of extinguishing the fire also needs to be dealt with immediately to contain and prevent further loss and the threat of mold growth.  Restoration companies work just as quickly to extract the water and treat the areas that were damaged.  Safety is priority and they will secure the area by shutting off the electrical power and removing any hazardous objects and conditions.  Airing out the smoke filled areas need to be handled without further penetrating the ventilation system with the smoke and odor that has already spread.

Restoration companies survey the fire damage caused to the structure and to property and evaluate items that can be salvaged and those that need to be disposed of, such as carpeting, furniture, appliances, etc.   Knowing that this type of damage displaces the occupants, the goal is to safely and quickly restore fire damaged property back to a state of readiness.

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