Mold Removal, Water Damage

Remove and Prevent Mold in Your Kitchen

Mold grows most easily in environments that are moist, damp, and warm. The kitchen of your home is one of the most mold-friendly areas of your home because it fits these conditions almost ideally. There are many things that you can do to prevent mold in your home. Some of these things are simply cleaning regularly while others are specifically targeted toward removing and preventing mold.

Why should you want to prevent mold? Aside from looking disgusting, mold is hazardous to humans in certain quantities and exposures. It often depends on what species of mold is present in your home, as there are hundreds of thousands of types of mold in the world. The kitchen is one of the hotspots in your home for a dozen reasons. It is constantly warm from cooking temperatures and watery and damp from the food preparations that go on in a kitchen. There is usually organic material present throughout a kitchen. Crumbs, leftovers, and vegetables or fruits left out all present areas of possible mold contamination.

Some easy ways to prevent mold include simple cleaning and awareness. For example, you should check the drip tray in your refrigerator biannually for wet mold growth. Likewise remove the water catch tray and straws in your refrigerator’s build-in water filtration system every week. Within the fridge itself you should always be aware of the date of food stored in your fridge. The depths of your fridge should be cleaned weekly in order to avoid promoting mold growth in the food that you eat.

Check the sink and refrigerator plumbing systems for leaks, as water damage is a major cause of mold growth. The grout along areas that are constantly exposed to water should be checked for mold growth and replaced if they are off color or damaged. Often mold grows in grout, requiring replacement every few years. Sometimes you can save your grout by cleaning it with a bleach solution, which should be applied weekly. Sinks can be leaky along the topside as well, which necessitates watching where the water runoff goes. If your countertops are constantly damp, make sure to wipe them down frequently. Never leave organic materials lying around your kitchen – try to leave your kitchen as clean and empty as possible in order to avoid promoting water damage mold.

Other Areas for Mold

Other areas to watch are bowls of fruit or vegetables left out, as these can mold quickly if left unattended too long. There are also there areas around sinks, doors and windows that should be frequently watched. If there is mold already present, it should be inspected by a professional mold restoration company and possibly sprayed with antibacterial, which can be obtained from a local hardware store. Be careful to watch the general humidity of your kitchen, which can be controlled using a dehumidifier or localized heaters if necessary. It cannot be reiterated enough – water damage causes mold growth in most cases. When mold growth in your home is bad enough it makes it necessary to use a mold remediation company in order to remove the mold professionally, as it can be extremely dangerous to your health or the health of those you care about.

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