Fire Damage, Water Damage

Securing Property After Fire Damage

Many people go to great lengths to practice fire prevention in their homes. However, if a fire does occur most people have little idea of what to do afterwards. Most often after a fire occurs people can’t stay in their homes anymore due to fire and smoke damage. When leaving your home you do not want to leave it to the risk of burglary. Here are some potential problems to consider before leaving your home after a fire has taken place.

Problems with Relying on Security Systems

After talking to your insurance agent and contacting a fire restoration company it is important to secure your property. The last thing you need on top of a fire is someone invading your home and taking your personal belongings. In result of a fire it is not always practical to rely on security systems. A fire can cause security systems to malfunction, leaving your home venerable. Fide can also cause electrical problems or the electricity may be shut off which also prevents the use of security systems. In both cases it leaves security systems unreliable and you should take additional steps to secure your property.

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Locking and Boarding Up your Home

First things first, make sure to lock up all doors and windows that you can. If doors and windows do not lock properly in result of the fire be sure to board them up with wood and nails. You should also be sure to board up any holes in the walls and the roof. This should help prevent looting from your home while you are away.

Keeping the Weather Out

If your home has parts of the walls or roof missing in result of fire damage, you also need to take preparations to keep potential rainwater out. If rain enters your home it destroy electronics and paper documents, but it can also result in water damage to the surfaces of your home as well as creating structural damage. To prevent this be sure to not only board up any holes in your home, but to also secure tarps over the boarded areas as well.

Removing Valuables

Some fires prove to be more difficult to disperse than others. If you find that your home is damaged to the point that it can’t be secured properly you should remove all valuables from the property. Take all items to a family member or friend’s house to keep them secure while your home in under work. If you do not have anyone in the area that you can store your valuables with you can always call a storage unit company and keep your possessions in a storage unit.

Although fires create much distress be sure to take the appropriate steps to secure your home after a fire. The last thing you need when dealing with fire damage is to also have to deal with burglary of your home.

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