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Water Restoration Companies – How Do You Choose?

We know that water damage can be a serious problem, and we know that it is not a problem that will get better on its own.  We also know that timing is everything in the aftermath of a water damage problem; you have to begin the removal and restoration process as soon as possible in order to avoid long term problems. Professional water restoration companies are almost always the preferred way to go in these cases, but how do you know who you should call? Who do you trust with your home and property?

Unfortunately, too many people make the mistake of going for the first ad they come to in the phone listings or internet search, without stopping to consider whether or not the restoration company is actually qualified to do the work.  There are currently no federal laws or regulations dictating who can and cannot function as a water restoration provider, so your call may bring to your door a trained, experienced professional, able to handle all aspects of your water damage needs, or you can get some redneck with a mop sticking out of the window on a jacked up Camaro. So where do you start when it comes to picking from amidst the numerous choices for water restoration companies?

Well, the simplest way is to look for one that boasts industry certification from a regulatory body such as the Clean Trust or Restoration Industry Association. The restoration industry has done an admirable job of policing itself, establishing standards and protocols that service providers should meet or exceed. They offer education, field training, and certification in all areas of the water restoration process (as well as fire damage and mold remediation).

Certification also means you can expect a thoroughly professional experience, beginning with 24/7 availability and same day emergency service in most cases. In cases of water damage, you need a seasoned professional onsite as soon as possible who can properly assess the situation and begin the restoration process. Furthermore, all materials are of the highest grade and all work is guaranteed, which means that homeowners can rest assured of a quality job done right the first time.

Certified restoration companies are also able to work alongside your homeowners’ insurance agent or claims adjuster to make sure the claims process proceeds smoothly and that everything is adequately covered.

Obviously, such an approach is preferably to dealing with unqualified companies, many of which are not prepared to handle the multiple chores often required by water damage problems. Hiring the wrong company will not only fail to solve your problem, but it may create new ones, easily doubling or tripling your repair costs before things are finally addressed in a proper manner.

Of course certification is no guarantee against incompetence, but it does mean that the company you hire invested time, effort, and finances in their personnel to ensure a job done right.