Water Damage, Water Damage Restoration

Your Perpetually Flooded Basement

When I was growing up, we had a partial basement in our home, used primarily for storage, and rarely tended to or repaired in any meaningful way. The basement was only accessible from the outside, and there was a drain just outside the basement door. Unfortunately it was a drain that stopped up and clogged almost every time it rained, forcing water, mud, and silt back up and into the basement. During the summer months, when storms were prevalent, it was not uncommon for us to have a perpetually flooded basement for weeks at a time.

Looking back, it was a mistake for us not to address the problem, and heaven only know what health hazards we subjected ourselves to as a result, since I’m sure mold had more than become a problem in this area. Fortunately, the folks that bought the house from us rectified the problems and turned the basement into a decent little recreation area, proof that you can overcome water damage to the basement and still manage to have a life!

If your basement always seems to be holding water, rest assured that is a sign of a serious problem, and one that you need to address promptly. Remember that mold shows up rapidly any time there is water damage, and some strains of mold can be actively hazardous to your health.

For starters, check the drain that services the basement. As I mentioned, that was our culprit for many years, and simply keeping it cleaned out and free of obstructions like leaves, mud, and dirt would have done wonders for keeping the area clean. Be proactive in cleaning out your drains well in advance of inclement weather.

In the same vein, check your gutters and downspouts to make sure they are channeling water out and away from the structure. Improperly positioned downspouts could easily direct water toward your basement. This is not good.

Within the basement interior, look for any signs that window seals or door seals have been compromised. If you spot condensation on your windows, that is a sure sign of a water leak, and a problem that will only get worse over time. Make these repairs as you find them in order to prevent them from degenerating even further.

Pipes in the basement may also leak and cause issues. In many cases, the leak is extremely small and may go unnoticed for an extended period of time. By the time it is discovered, the damage is already done and the repair costs may be considerable.

Cracks in the foundational wall may also provide access to the basement by groundwater. If you notice such a crack, have it repaired promptly.

In many cases of basement water damage, professional restoration services may be required. They have the training and experience necessary to handle even the largest and most difficult water problems, and all work is backed by the industry’s most comprehensive guarantee.